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Matthew Gilpin & George Galloway, Attorneys

The Online Will was designed to make the estate planning process accessible and easy. We have embraced technology to help with scheduling and conducting consults. Our clients are able to pick a time for their virtual consult that works for them and schedule the consult right on our website.  We even offer flexible hours so that people that are busy or work normal 40+ hours a week can have a consult and not have to take time off of work.  For this we offer several spots during weekday evenings and even times on Saturdays for clients to speak with us and get the ball rolling on their estate plan.  Furthermore, because we are web based and efficient with our scheduling, we are able to keep our costs down.  This allows us to pass the savings on directly to the consumers…to the common hard-working people that need estate planning the most but have not been able to get it in place due to some or all of the factors listed above.  If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please go to and schedule a complimentary consult to discuss getting your estate plan in order.

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