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Couples Last Will and Testament

Couples Last Will and Testament

Name the right legal guardians for your children and make your wishes known. This is often the most important document in an estate plan. Having a Last Will & Testament allows you to have a say in how your affairs should be settled.


Reasons to have a Last Will & Testament:


1. List who you would like to receive your property and the assets you’ve worked hard to earn. This document also allows you to appoint the person you would like in charge of making sure your wishes are carried out.


2. Appoint an executor, specify beneficiaries, or even list somebody you want to make sure does not inherit from you (disinherit). It’s completely up to you.


This product contains two (2) documents. With married couples, it is important to make sure each spouse has their own Last Will and Testament that is consistent with the couple’s wishes. The documents can have differences according to each person’s individual wishes, but it is important that they work together on certain points. Let our attorneys prepare both documents for you and your spouse.


Why Us: 

Complete your Estate Plan from the comfort of your own home and let experts prepare your Last Will and Testament according to your wishes.

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